Award 10 Personalisation

Winning brand: Argos and Planning-inc

Title: Abandoned ‘check and reserve’, and after-sales targeting

Winning its second award this year is Argos’s work to increase revenues from abandoned ‘check and reserve’ orders, where customers reserve a product online before going into a store to pick it up and pay. One-to-one campaigns have now become the norm for the retailer but it needed to continue to improve to justify significant investment in its digital transformation.

A new data feed was created by Planning-inc to allow new reservations to be processed and matched against transactions, in order to determine which had not been picked up, triggering an email to those customers who had abandoned their orders after the reservation period elapsed. Planning-inc also used advanced analytics to provide personalised offers and, as the judges commented, to “drive the business with incremental value”.

Highly commended: Virgin Atlantic


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