Research Now white paper: a multi-dimensional view of the digitally engaged consumer

This paper examines work that has been carried out in support of a single-source methodology in order to understand how, when applied to consumers’ devices, the new research tracking technologies complement and enhance the traditional survey question approach. The aim of this research is to better understand the complex world of multiple devices and how consumers engage with them to establish standards for a research methodology to assess the current multi-channel branding and communication efforts.

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Technology has replaced the middleman and created endless opportunities for consumers to search and purchase a product and to interact with brands. For brands, technology has opened up new channels of communication, offering a broad spectrum of targeting capabilities. Displaying the right message to the right person at the right time has, for the last few years, been the mantra of online media companies.

Consumers are now the centre of attention and their online lives are no longer a mystery. They can be metered, tracked and cookied with the newest technology, which is transparent, precise and permission-based, with no hidden spyware or pop-ups. Consumers are also no longer “hiding” online or pretending that they are someone else with a higher household income, better car or lifestyle. There are too many benefits to being who you really are online…

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