Scottish Radio to buy Vision

Scottish Radio Holdings, the radio and newspapers group, is believed to be signing a multimillion pound deal to buy Vision, the Birmingham-based poster contractor.

The two are known to have been in talks, with estimates of a price ranging from 10m to 15m. The company is also thought to have been in discussions with the More Group and Scottish Media Group.

In April, Scottish Radio secured its first foothold in the UK outdoor market with the 8.9m purchase of Bristol-based family firm Parkin.

Only last month it made multimillionaires of the owners of Glasgow billboard company Trainer, by buying out founder Pat Trainer and his son Chris for 27.5m.

Scottish Radio Holdings chief executive Richard Findlay was unavailable for comment. At the time of the Trainer purchase he stressed the fast revenue growth of outdoor and commercial radio within the UK media sector and said: “We intend to apply our financial resources to use outdoor advertising as a means to expand our cross-media offering to advertisers, and we will continue to seek further appropriate opportunities for growth within the media sector.”

Vision joint managing director Gerry Bew refused to comment.

Bew and his partner John O’Hara bought the Vision poster stock in 1983. It now has 1,000 48-sheets and 100 96-sheet panels, making up about 20 per cent of the roadside posters in the Central TV region.


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