Vizzavi and Samsung plot joint promotion

Mobile content provider Vizzavi is backing the launch of its advanced ringtone collection through a joint promotion with handset manufacturer Samsung.

Samsung has introduced two handsets that contain so-called “polyphonic” technology. This allows ringtones to be made up of more than two or three notes.

Vizzavi, jointly owned by Vodafone Group and Vivendi Universal, has developed a collection of ringtones made up of 16 notes. Its Polyphonic Supertones range of 50 tunes includes music from Mary J Blige and Kylie Minogue as well as television and film soundtracks.

The promotion set up with Samsung and Vodafone Stores offers purchasers of the Samsung T100 or N600 a box containing a scratchcard which reveals a PIN number allowing download of five free Supertones via WAP technology. The promotion also includes the chance to win a carnival holiday in Rio or New Orleans. The offer begins this week and is being promoted with point of purchase in Vodafone Stores.

The Supertones collection will grow by 15 tunes a week. Ringtones cost £3 each to download.

Vizzavi denies speculation that it is up for sale or to be folded into Vodafone’s global products and services division.

The company was set up in July 2000 and sponsored the television show Pop Idol.


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