Blue Nun wine-based RTD to get global launch in summer

Blue Nun, the German wine brand trying to update its cheap Seventies image, is launching its first ready-to-drink (RTD) product, a white “wine-crush” called Slinky. The launch will be supported by a £3m marketing and advertising campaign, created by Spirit Advertising.

The news follows close on the heels of the announcement by Scottish Courage of the launch of Bliss, a wine-based RTD which, according to its maker, is the first wine-based premium packaged drink (MW last week). Bliss will be rolled out later this month.

Slinky will be available globally this summer – although in some countries it will be sold as Blue Nun Vinnocence – and will target younger drinkers. The brand will also target female consumers.

Blue Nun marketing director Armin Wagner says: “Slinky is about addressing the lack of innovation in the wine category. The drink aims to attract a younger generation to wine, while at the same time offering the RTD consumer a more sophisticated product.”

With an alcohol-by-volume rating of 5.5 per cent, Slinky will be available in 275ml crown-cap bottles.

Last year, the Blue Nun brand was extended to include a French Merlot and a German Riesling.


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