Estrella Damm ad banned for linking alcohol with risk

A cinema ad for Estrella Damm lager that showed people drinking on a beach before running into the sea has been banned for linking alcohol with risky behaviour.


The Advertising Standards Authority says the ad is irresponsible because it linked drinking and unsafe activity.

Brand owner Wells & Youngs Brewing Company explained the drinking and other activities were not meant to be viewed as chronological.

It also pointed out that the ad had been approved by the Cinema Advertising Association’s copy approval panel.

The ASA, however, upheld a complaint about ad because it said viewers could reasonably infer the people featured went swimming and diving after drinking the beer.

The ad, created by Villarosas, was shown in cinemas in the summer under the strapline “usual things are sometimes exceptional’ and told the story of a young man finding love as a trainee chef at renowned Michelin starred restaurant El Bulli.



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