Tetley Green Tea ad made ‘misleading’ health claims

A television ad for Tetley Green Tea has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) because it makes unproven health claims.

The ad shows a woman about to go on a jog change her mind when she sees rain outside, and opt instead to drink a cup of green tea. The voiceover then states/ “For an easy way to help look after yourself pick up Tetley Green tea.”

While on-screen text did add this was “as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle”, viewers took issue with Tetley’s implications that drinking Green Tea was on a par with or better than real exercise.

The ASA says the ad, created by Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, contains no evidence of health benefits beyond general hydration and the inclusion of antioxidants, and that Tetley should not imply it does.

The watchdog found Tetley guilty of breaching codes of practice regarding misleading and inaccurate advertising.

However, Tetley defended the ad saying it did not compare drinking tea with going for a run, but wanted to promote it as part of a healthy lifestyle. It says the drink is healthy because it contains antioxidants and is hydrating, adding that it had made it clear in the ad that staying in and drinking tea did not replace exercise.

The ASA cleared Tetley over a separate complaint that the ad was trying to sell the drink as a replacement for exercise, but ruled the ad must not broadcast again in its current form, adding Tetley must not imply that its products have health benefits without substantial evidence.


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