Will the first round of consumer spending cuts be the deepest?


HPI observes that consumers are becoming increasingly intolerant of a certain kind of advertising. In July, 56% of consumers agreed that ’spending money on expensive TV advertising is irresponsible in the current climate’. That’s up from 46% just six months previously. I’m sure this isn’t a reaction to all advertising. Indeed, I know from recent focus groups that the rattling of the stick in the swill bucket is at the very least accepted as a necessary evil by most consumers.




The Secret Marketer on the effects of the spending cuts

David Coveney

Winter has arrived and boy what a change it makes to consumer behaviour. I am a prime example. Draped in my new jacket and chunky knitwear, I leave for work and return home in the dark, drink record levels of cappuccinos, reacquaint myself with soup at lunchtime and am dangerously tempted by the warmth of […]

Lucy Handley

Marketing in crisis?

Lucy Handley

This week’s cover feature looks at the often grim view board members have of marketing. But is marketing at a crisis point? Over the last few weeks I have almost become convinced that it is. It started when I began researching this week’s cover feature on what board members really think of marketers. I spoke […]


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