My Supermarket to launch app to 'revolutionise' online grocery shopping.
My Supermarket to launch app to ‘revolutionise’ online grocery shopping.

The MySupermarket Companion app will automatically compare the price of users’ baskets whenever they use an online grocery site.

Once downloaded it will run in the background of laptops, PCs and Macs and automatically recognise URLS visited for Asda, Tesco, Ocado, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s online grocery services.

It will tell users the comparable price of their basket at other supermarkets so that they can switch as well as showing them ways to make savings by swapping products within their chosen supermarket.

MySupermarket says the app, which is due to launch net week, aims to take all the effort out of comparison shopping.

It hopes to attract shoppers that might not traditionally use a comparison service but that regularly shop online.

James Foord, vice president of business development at MySupermarket, told Marketing Week that it means shoppers will no longer have to use the comparison site’s shopping service but can shop online via their preferred retailer and still discover the savings they could make either by switching supermarkets or swapping cheaper products.

“We understand that sometimes customers might want to shop directly using Waitrose, or Tesco’s, sites, that’s fine but we want them to have the power of MySupermarket on their side and watching their back. We don’t want shoppers to miss out on savings and want them to know the truth about promotions and prices,” he says.

Foord adds that supermarkets will welcome the app if they “truly embrace” transparency in pricing.

It will also tell shoppers of the cashback offers they can claim by using MySupermarket,

The site launched its first TV ad campaign earlier this month, signalling a shift in the brand’s marketing efforts.

It hopes to grow visits to its site to 5 million unique users in the run up to Christmas. It currently attracts 3.5 million.