Brand director of Everything Everywhere explains which brands impress him

On September 29, 2010, The Annual from Marketing Week will lay out smart thinking, smart working and smart engagement strategies for businesses. Spencer McHugh, brand director of Everything Everywhere, explains which brands impress him:

smart thinking: Google

In many ways it’s the benchmark modern brand. It makes the complex developments that it pursues really simple for users and fulfils that great role of being a useful tool and service and an extremely interesting and exciting brand at the same time.

smart working: Adidas

Adidas has the ability to reinvent itself and not get stuck in a rut, as well as being really innovative. It uses sponsorship and product endorsement very well and I especially like the original campaigns, the surprising Star Wars tie-up featuring Snoop Dogg, for instance.

smart engagement: Pixar

The film company has a great ability to be seen to be in touch with its core audience, giving them exactly what they’re after. I admire Pixar for its internal culture of creativity and sense of belief in the power of creativity. I think you get that sense in the end product that they are a restless bunch of creative people.

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