Macmillan TV ads highlight support services

Macmillan is launching a TV campaign to promote its support services for people diagnosed with cancer and differentiate itself from research organisations.

Macmillan: there to catch you when you fall.

Ads focus on the moment people are diagnosed and the idea that no-one should have to face cancer alone, using a metaphor of catching someone when they fall.

Macmillan aims to dramatise the impact of cancer on people’s lives and demonstrate while other cancer charities focus on research or curing the disease, Macmillan is a support organisation for people living with cancer.

The charity hopes by promoting the range of financial, practical medical and emotional support services it offers for sufferers and their families, it will also help attract donations.

Hilary Cross, director of external affairs at Macmillan Cancer Support, says the campaign is a “critical turning point” in the charity’s brand advertising.

“Never before have we communicated what we do and why we need support with such power. As the number of people living with cancer is set to double from two to four million by 2030 we need to inspire the public to support people with cancer so that no one ever has to face it alone,” she says.

The 90-second ad launches today (11 February) and will be supported with radio, online and PR.

It is the first campaign Macmillan has launched since the charity appointed VCCP to handle its creative account in March.



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