Alcohol coalition calls for sales promo ban

A complete ban on price-promotion based advertising of alcohol has been urged today (June 19) by a coalition of public health experts and campaigners.

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has received the call as part of its consultation on changes to advertising rules from the Alcohol Health Alliance, a coalition with members including The Royal College of Physicians and Alcohol Concern.

The Alliance wants to see a complete ban as it says current rules encourage supermarkets to compete on cut-price alcohol promotions, which contributes to increased consumption and “an escalating public health crisis.”

The group says its particularly keen to see a ban on price-based TV advertising of alcohol as this is more likely to be seen by children, according to its research.

CAP’s consultation on its “root and branch” review of rules governing advertising across all media closes today.

It has proposed banning price-based alcohol advertising that encourages “immoderate drinking.”  Other proposed changes include allowing sexual health services to advertise after the 9pm watershed and banning advertising of games aimed at adults pre-watershed.


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