launches campaign to attract men, the specialist dating site for older, single parents, is launching a campaign called The Older Gent Academy in a bid to attract more single, older dads.


Since launching in October,, which encourages people to sign up their single parents, has attracted four times as many women as men.

The ‘Older Gent Academy’ launches on 1 January in time for the peak online dating season. It aims to give older single gents more confidence to start online dating and includes a handbook containing advice and tips.

Membership is free for the first 1,000 dads to signed up. Each year will also offer four members of the Academy a tailored suit, expert coaching and a copy of the Mylovelyparent Older Gent Handbook.

The site claims that there are 2.3 million men and 3.5 million women over the age of 45 living alone in the UK.

Matt Connolly, founder of Mylovelyparent, says: “Demographics play a hand but the main reason is that older single men often become set in their ways and struggle to form new relationships. Often lacking the confidence they once had, many stop trying entirely.”


Mindi Chahal

Use insight in 2013 to help prove ROI

Mindi Chahal

The need to prove return on investment to justify marketing spend on campaigns will continue into 2013 and research is one way to alleviate that pressure of knowing whether an idea will fly or fall.


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